Fixed Annuities are insurance-based products that may serve a variety of investor needs.

Multi-Year, Guarantee Rate Annuities (MYGA's) offer multiple, guarantee periods to align with your specific needs.

The rate of interest is guaranteed - each and every year - for that specified period selected.

Whether using IRA monies or after-tax monies, you can expect solid, guaranteed growth as long as the annuity remains in force until the end of the term and is not surrendered. 

Some plans offer the ability to withdrawal interest earnings and/or principal - without a penalty prior to the end of the term.

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Current MYGA Rates

Term (yrs) Guaranteed Rate
1 4.15%
2 5.15%
3 5.60%
4 5.30%
5 5.60%
6 5.65%
7 5.25%
8 5.70%
9 5.30%
10 6.00%
* NEW 20-yr option * 4.75% (great for gifting !)


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Rates subject to change.  Call to verify at 1-800-480-7526.  The above-referenced, Fixed Annuity rates are guaranteed for the full term listed.  Interest earnings are 100% tax-deferred until withdrawn.  There are no annual fees.  However, early termination may or may not result in a market value adjustment and/or surrender charges.  Some products allow penalty-free, annual withdrawals of interest and/or principal.  State availability may and will vary.  Withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2 may result in 10%, IRS-imposed penalty.  Not insured by a federal agency. Investor suitability applies.


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