Most Americans consider a college education extremely important--and understandably so. College graduates, on average, earn nearly twice as much per month as high school graduates.  The key to meeting these costs tomorrow is, of course, planning today.

The Importance of Higher Learning

Financing a college education takes more planning than ever as college costs have increased by more than twice the rate of inflation in the last decade.

According to the Council for Aid to Education, if tuitions continue to rise over the next 20 years as it has during the past 20, over 6 million students will literally be "priced out" of a higher education.

This scary statistic will make the prospects for job hunting very difficult because American Industry requires the kinds of sophisticated knowledge and skills obtained from our colleges and universities.

The Trickle Down Effect

Statistics show that the children of those students that do not proceed to higher educational endeavors will more than likely not do so either. This is a vicious circle as the income levels of this group continue to fall way behind the rate of inflation.

Plan Carefully

Given the costs involved, funding four or more years of higher education for a child and/or grandchild represents a very serious financial goal.

However, with careful planning it does not have to be an overwhelming financial burden.

Investment Strategies for College Funding

There is, of course, a myriad of college funding investment strategies one could use. However, the following strategies below are some of the more popular techniques.

Most posses excellent potential tax advantages and should be considered carefully before implementing.

Please follow each link below to review a brief discussion of each.

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EDUCATIONAL IRA's (Coverdell Educational Savings Account)



Action To Take

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