To develop and maintain a successful business, owners must look to creative ways to solve the problems of recruiting, retaining and rewarding key individuals.

These people are essential to the growth and prosperity of any organization.

The Dilemma

Ordinary compensation and fringe benefit packages typically do not provide sufficient benefits to adequately compensate highly valued employees.

Traditional or "qualified" retirement programs tend to discriminate against highly compensated key executives and other key players in the organization.

Qualified plan rules and regulations typically provide the greater an executive's compensation, the lower the retirement benefits available as a percentage of pre-retirement compensation.

Hence, companies are left with a dilemma: How to design a retirement plan that benefits both the company and the key decision-makers?

A Possible Solution

A non-qualified Executive Benefit Plan may provide employers and the valued employees with the answer.

A non-qualified Executive Benefit Plan can be an important cornerstone to a complete compensation package for key personnel in privately held, as well as in publicly traded companies.

These plans afford a company the opportunity to design a flexible, tax-deferred, cost-efficient compensation arrangement that aids in the recruitment and retention of valuable executives, while also minimizing the effects of reverse discrimination.

Recruit, Retain, & Reward

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