Just like when you go to a physician for either a 'check-up' or with an ailment, you can expect a series of questions / analysis.

Planning and analyzing your financial future is not that much different.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time digging through your records or providing us exact figures.

Just answer the questions to the best of your ability.

This will give us a better idea as to your current needs and future goals.


Financial & Suitability Profile

Contact Information:
Zip Code:   
Home Phone:   
Work Phone: 
Your Age:        Spouse's Age:
Number of children:   Number of grandchildren: 

Your Philosophies on Money Management, Taxes & Financial Planning:
Which best describes your overall activity in the past 12 months?

Which best describes your overall attitude towards investing and risk?  
I am generally willing to accept:

 Wide price fluctuations in return for maximum long-term gains
 Moderate price fluctuations for conservative gains
 Virtually no price fluctuations for a guarantee of principal and income

What is your employment status? 

Your Occupation: 
Your Spouse:     
Desired Age of Retirement: 
Your Spouse:               

Gross household income last year? 

My Federal Tax Bracket is: 
My State Tax Bracket is:   

General awareness level of stock/bond market activites: 

Do you own mutual funds?   Yes    No  

If yes, do you spend or reinvest the earnings?   Spend    Reinvest

I reallocate my portfolio:  time(s) per year.

Your favorite money managers are:   

Which investment newsletters/periodicals do you subscribe to: 

What type of investments do you generally prefer:

Are you contributing to Qualified Retirement Plan?  Yes    No 
If so, what type: 

You are accustomed to average returns on your investments of:

Who do you rely upon for financial input or advice? 
Your primary concerns are: 
Asset Protection & Estate Planning Information:
Do you have a Will?   Yes    No   
Do you have a Living Trust?   Yes    No 
Do you have a Long Term Care Policy?   Yes    No

Do you have a Disability Insurance Policy?   Yes    No
Have you established a Uniform Gift to Minors Trust?   Yes    No
Do you have an Irrevocable Trust?   Yes    No

Do you have a Family Limited Partnership?   Yes    No
Are you an income beneficiary of a family trust?   Yes    No
Are you currently gifting?   Yes    No

Do you have a handicapped family member?   Yes    No
Are you working with an estate planning specialist or attorney?   Yes    No    
Are you in a second or third marriage?   Yes    No

Do you have children from a previous marriage?   Yes    No
Do you own life insurance?   Yes    No	

My health is: 
My spouse's health is: 
Assets / Current Holdings:
Residence  $ 
Other real estate interests  $ 

Non-Tax Qualified Assets (Non IRA)
Annuities  $ 
Liquid Assets  $ 
Mutual Funds  $ 
Stocks  $ 
Bonds  $ 
Other  $ 
Tax-Qualified Assets (IRA, 401k, Pension)
Annuities  $ 
Liquid Assets  $ 
Mutual Funds  $ 
Stocks  $ 
Bonds  $ 
Other  $ 
Business Interests  $ 
Personal Property (Collectibles, art, coins, etc.)  $ 
Life Insurance total cash value  $ 
Other  $ 
Estimated gross estate value  $ 
Liabilities (mortgages, notes, etc.)  $ 
Net Estate Value  $ 

Additional Comments/Questions:








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